From Plague to Pandemic Covid-19: Not Just Men even Microbes Write History

If viruses and bacteria had the ability to write and document, they would have written—The History of Man-Virus, Man-Bacteria Interactions. From Plague to Cholera, to Small Pox to Covid -19, history is witness to the incessant war between the two. Presenting snapshots from the battlefields that move from streets to hospital clinics to “quaranta” Read More

What does Research mean to me?

Prof. Shaphali Gupta Professor, MICA, Ahmedabad (View Full Profile)   “Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world With these powerful words spoken by…Read more

Wish to see India become a research and knowledge hub for the world

Prof. Ramendra Singh Associate Professor, Marketing, IIM Calcutta (View Full Profile)   Life Journey I come from a middle-class family who have lived most of my early years in the…Read more

Interface of Digital Transformation, Data Science and Public Policy

I look forward to the learning experience and the challenges ahead as an editor and I hope to make this journal as established over the years to come. I look forward to the support of my colleagues as I venture in this new journey. Read More

Vitamin C or Vitamin D: Which Resists Covid19 Better?

In these Covid19 days, Vitamin C and Vitamin D have come in prominence and are being marketed vigorously under various trade names either singly or in combination. Read More


As the world was meandering through the fog of the rising impact of climate change and geo-political tensions towards and of 2019, like a meteor strike comes the onslaught at Covid-19. In short, the risk landscape has been shaken up like never before by the zoonotic disease from Wuhan in the beginning of 2020. Read More

Made in India, Made for the World: Reviving India’s Exports

Exporters need to develop not only good quality, reliable and differentiated products for the world but they also need to develop brand image for their company. Read More

A Strategy to Kick-Start the Indian Economy in the Backdrop of Covid19

This is the time for the Government and fellow Indians to reboot, redraw and reinvent the wheel of progress and paint a new standing in the World Economic Order'. Read More

India Unlock 2.0: Beginning of a New Normal

India embarks on a new phase of its Covid 19 fight with places of worship, restaurants and malls across the country set to reopen. It will see the beginnings of the 'new normal'. Read More

COVID-19 and Indian Marketers : Strategic Imperatives

The COVID 19 Pandemic has resulted in a tectonic shift in habits as a consumer. The move towards 'mindful consumption' is set to herald a new era in the world of consumerism. Read More

Customised Delivery: Mantra for Revival of B2C Business In India

In the post-Covid era, marketers who will reach maximum number of shelves faster than others would have initial visibility & availability advantage. Read More

Zero makes Sikkim Hero: The Corona Count

Sikkim reported its 1st Covid 19 case only on 24th May. Despite fear and uncertainty, the tiny state fought the war against Corona. How? Read More

Crisis Communication for Leaders: Compassionate Empathy is the Key

Compassionate Empathy is the most ideal for a business or political setting. A leader shows that she is truly listening when she exhibits compassion. Read More

Intelligent Robots: Big Relief for Corona Warriors

Prof. Arunaditya Sahay Dean (Research) Professor of Strategic Management, BIMTECH (View Full Profile)     Doctors, nurses, health workers, police and other Corona worriers were overwhelmed when on May 3,…Read more

Life or Livelihood: What to Protect in the Times of Corona?

Life and livelihood may be different in theory but they have now become two sides of the same coin affecting humanity. Read More

Is the Covid 19 Pandemic Creating a New Consumer Segment?

Prof. Veenu Sharma Programme Coordinator - PGDM (Retail Management) Assistant Professor of Marketing (View Full Profile) Around the globe, the life of individuals has undergone incomprehensible changes in the past…Read more

Crude Crashes as Corona Bites

Prof. Arunaditya Sahay Dean (Research) Professor of Strategic Management, BIMTECH (View Full Profile) Colonel Drake, who dug the first oil well in Pennsylvania in 1859, and Rockefeller, who created an…Read more

Transformational Technologies in the Time of Covid 19

Prof. Sanjiva Shankar Dubey Area Head, IT Professor of IT Strategy (View Full Profile) Since the beginning of the year 2020, the entire world faced an unprecedented challenge of rapidly…Read more

HR Trends: How to Deal with the Major HR Challenges Post Covid 19 Pandemic?

Prof. Itilekha Dash Convener - Centre for Management Development & Consultancy Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources (View Full Profile) The Covid-19, the most unforeseen and unprecedented Read More

To Detox the Natural Environment, Should we have a Mandatory Lockdown, Once Every Year?

Prof. Subhanjan Sengupta  Coordinator, Doctoral Programmes Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Strategy, BIMTECH  (View Full Profile) As on today, the continuous turbine of economic growth across human civilization has…Read more

In Search of a Logic in the Infectious World of Covid19

Prof. Arunaditya Sahay (View Full Profile) Dean (Research) Professor of Strategic Management, BIMTECH Recently, I had a severe ache in my back, the pain was so high that I had…Read more

The Race between the Vaccine and the Vacation

Prof. Arunaditya Sahay (View Full Profile) Dean (Research) Professor of Strategic Management, BIMTECH One of my Ph.D. students, is right now in Oxford, UK. He is stuck there with the…Read more

How is the Explosion of Digital Technology Transforming Marketing?

Prof. Pankaj Priya (View Full Profile) Area Head - Marketing & Retail Professor of Marketing Interventional role of digital technology has brought about a tectonic shift in the way marketing…Read more

Investments in The Time of Economic Uncertainty

Prof. Kamal Kalra (View Full Profile) Controller of Examinations Associate Professor of Finance Most investors have faced a rout of their share portfolios in period of the current COVID pandemic.…Read more

What Skill Sets do Recruiters Seek in MBA Graduates?

Prof. Rajeev Sharma (View Full Profile)Chairperson - Centre for Corporate Relations (CCR) Assistant Professor of Operations and Decision Science We are aware of the current Covid 19 pandemic crushing national…Read more

Covid 19 and Indian Economy – A Macroeconomic Perspective

Prof. Jagdish Shettigar (View Full Profile) Area Head, Economics Professor of Economics Prof. Pooja Misra (View Full Profile) Chairperson, PGDM (Retail Management) Associate Professor of  Economics With the number of…Read more

Social Entrepreneurship: Key to Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Asia-Pacific

Prof. Subhanjan Sengupta (View Full Profile) Coordinator, Doctoral Programmes Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Strategy, BIMTECH Social entrepreneurs are those entrepreneurs who use innovation with risk to generate business…Read more

From Tipu to Trump: Quinine Rules The Roost

Prof. Arunaditya Sahay (View Full Profile) Dean (Research) Professor of Strategic Management, BIMTECH With the withdrawal of troops by the traitor Chief Minister of Tipu Sultan, Mir Sadiq, the fourth…Read more

Covid19 and Ventilator

At the night of April 5, the number of Covid-19 cases in the world was 1.25 million while the number of deaths was around 68,000. Thus, the fatality rate worldwide…Read more

Wireless Networks in India: Move to 5G

In Davos this year, among many business topics discussed 5G had a central stage. The other topic that drew attention of business executives was quantum computing. Both these topics generated…Read more

A decade and a Half as a Teacher: Takeaways & 3 Types of Students

Must start with confessing to the dilemma that I faced more than a decade and half ago, on retirement from LIC. What post-retirement career do I opt for? By instinct,…Read more

Indo-Chinese Cooperation for SDG 7

I am writing this contribution for the newsletter fresh from Annual Workshop conducted in preparation to this year’s G20 conference to be held in Osaka Japan. The workshop was attended…Read more

Farmers Woes: A re- look at issues; is corporatization of farming a solution?

India has been a predominantly agrarian economy. Yet farmers in the country are plagued with umpteen problems leading to unbearable misery. The large number of farmer’s suicides in many parts…Read more

Digital Transformation – Risk in Insurance Sector

Digital Technology made its way in middle of 20th century. It was based & developed on binary system of calculation. This gave rise to the high degree of computation capability…Read more

Implementing Emerging Technologies in Course Delivery

The last decade has seen a marked increase in the use of technology in the process of teaching and learning, be it the use of learning management systems (LMS) as…Read more

Damoh Waterfall, Rajasthan

"राजस्थान का मौत के कुँए जैसा वो झरना जिसका रास्ता आगरा से होकर जाता है, या यूं कहो कि राजस्थान का वो शानदार झरना जिसका रास्ता ग्वालियर से होकर जाता…Read more

How FinTech is Changing Business Scenario

  FinTech is a buzzword and you are not alone to wonder what it is. FinTech or Financial Technologies is the use of technology in the financial sector which is…Read more

Eliminating Single use Plastic – Each one of us can contribute

The nation seems to have woken up to the ills of plastic use particularly single use plastic after a clarion call by our Prime Minister to reduce or eliminate single…Read more

Why and How AI and Robotics Are Making Their Way into MBA Curriculum

It was the rainy afternoon of July, one of the welcome days for the parched of Delhi NCR. We were sitting in a cozy office at 12th floor overlooking the…Read more

Importance of Ethics and Value in Management Education

Educational institutions have a key role in preparing youngsters for a promising future. These institutions are training students to seamlessly move into management roles and helping them build skills to…Read more

Why MBA With Work Experience is an Added Advantage?

When IIMs in India began and till very recent, they were looking for great talents on academic records for management program. The whole idea of the toughest examination globally i.e.…Read more