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The retail Management Program of BIMTECH conducts Industrial Visits for their students so that they get exposure to the practical usage of theoretical concepts taught by BIMTECH academicians in the classroom. This initiative further helps retail program students in the following:

Finding your Niche

An industrial visit gives students an insight into the corporate world which opens up the opportunity to learn or at least have a look at the nitty-gritty of the industry. The Retail Management Program of BIMTECH gave an opportunity by taking students to the manufacturing unit of a leather company and showing students, how to build their careers in Luxury Retail. Students got to learn, how for an entrepreneur the most important things are to have clarity of consumer needs, design a solution to fulfill that need, and continuously work hard to remain the market leader by providing much better and more economical solutions than the competitors. This encouraged many to not only become an entrepreneur but also develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Industrial Awareness

The Retail Management Program of BIMTECH took us for an Industrial Visit to the warehouse where students got to learn many academic concepts which are used by industry such as FIFO (First In First Out), FT (Flow-Through) & CDFT (Cross-Docking Flow-Through), preparation of DSIR (Daily Sales Investigation Report). Students got to learn how leaders managed their business during the time of crisis which was covid and how sharpening interpersonal skills play an important role in working as a team and standing strong when the market forces are against them.

Technological Advancements & Awareness

Students got a chance to visit a retailer which provides a gamut of interior design solutions ranging from kitchen shelves to Retail spaces & Retail spaces that manufacture carpets in the famous carpet manufacturing place Bhadohi a city in Uttar Pradesh. Industrial Visits to their retail outlets gave us an idea that technology beats all. The companies are so technologically advanced as compared to their industry competitors that they can develop products as per customers’ demands in a very short period. The kind of customization they do in a very short period helps in enhancing CX (Customer Experience) which converts to positive WOM (Word of Mouth) and loyalty.

Create a Strong Network

Students also got an opportunity to visit India’s one of the best logistics solution companies in Gurugram. Networking is a very important part of management life which not only helps a student in inculcating peer-to-peer learning but also gives them a platform to showcase their learning and attract potential job givers.

Every Industrial Visit brings along a learning revolution, zeal to perform, and hunger for achievement

Few snapshots from our Industrial Visits

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