Story of Sunday Breath

Mitushi Gupta
, Batch 2020-22
Marketing Intern-Roca Bathroom Products Private Limited 

This is about 2020 when I was in my final year of graduation in from Delhi University preparing for CAT and other entrance examinations, anxious and nervous about not getting into a good B- school. That was also the time when things changed drastically because of the spread of the covid 19 pandemic, also a reason because of which I was not able to enjoy my last year of graduation fully. Who knew that even my post-graduation would go all online, never ever did I imagine all this even in my wildest dreams. This was also the time when I got my offer letter from Birla Institute of Management Technology, the college was dealing with the uncertainty that the pandemic brought and managing the second-year students along with the first-year students like me who had absolutely no clue of how do we do an online MBA. But here I must say our institute beautifully carried on the classes, projects, extra- curricular activities and the whole course online. There was no compromise on the interaction and bonding of the junior batch with the faculty, seniors and colleagues who have now eventually become our companions and friends in this amazing journey.

About 2 trimesters went online and then finally the wait was over and we entered our college and hostels for our third trimester to attend the blended mode of classes, where we never felt as if we all were meeting for the first time as the level of interaction even though it was online was so phenomenal that we were comfortable with each other.

I hardly knew that the new covid variant would sway me back home to continue the online classes. But the happy part was we atleast got a chance to experience our college life for 2 months. Having completed my first year PGDM journey which was indeed a roller coaster ride as we got to experience different worlds of doing PGDM and is definitely a journey which is full of memories and learnings

Now after this the time came for our Summer Internship Program which is a 2 months program where in we work with a company to apply our theoretical knowledge to practical and real-life problems. I luckily got an opportunity to intern with Roca Bathroom Products Private Limited which was a wonderful journey.

But during these 2 months what was special is, me along with my friend cum colleague Mukul Kumar Gupta (PGDM) started a podcast channel named – “SUNDAY BREATH” which is a platform where we interact with the leaders from different industries be it music, dance, corporate, poetry and much more.

During these unprecedented times we started to put efforts to motivate people around us. We believe there is something to learn from each and every individual, and keeping that in mind we started this channel where we discuss the journey, experience and life lessons of the leaders and try to motivate and spread some knowledge among the youth. There are a lot of people having wonderful podcast channels like by Deepali Nair, Umeed by Zakir Khan and The Ranveer show by Ranveer Allahbadia and these are some examples from where we get motivation and energy to make Sunday Breath grow. During this journey we both have learnt a lot skills like video editing, approaching and inviting guests, marketing our channel and much more. We work on our technical to soft skills development here. It is a true experience of maintaining work life balance.

While doing this we also are getting the support of our college’s director Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi which is indeed a very sweet and nice gesture from his side.

Summing up pursuing my management diploma from BIMTECH has helped me grow as a professional. Being a class representative is helping me improve my leadership skills that I learnt while being the Commerce Department President during my under graduation, whereas contributing as an Executive Member in the Food Conduit is helping me build team spirit and creative skills. As the Founder and Host of Sunday Breath I am able to develop and maintain a healthy network of professionals from whom I am able to learn a lot of skills.

The overall experience has helped me develop management skills like strategic thinking and people skills. I’m very excited to see how the second year will unfold and what all more opportunities I can grab.


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