The Sunrise of Success- My First Year at BIMTECH


“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt



I still remember the day when I received an e-mail about my selection in Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Greater Noida…the beginning of an amazing overwhelming journey. I never imagined it to be such an incredible journey. The institution is a synonym for excellence. From day one, the journey was a spectacular one, teaching me not only to dream high, but also work in the right direction to achieve those goals


BIMTECH is not just a PGDM college for me. Its place in my life is beyond words and the mere thought that I have already completed my first year brings a flurry of emotions. It is a place that has put me to test time and again, challenging me every single time. It is place where I have rejoiced in success and even learn from my failures. A place of unparalleled opportunities. A place where I overcame challenges, gave wings to my dreams, learned, unlearned and then relearned and in the process made memories for a lifetime.

The orientation program, the lectures, the workshops, the events and everyday rigorous routine motivated us to fly and stand again even if we fall. BIMTECH life has made me believe in myself and stop worrying about the doubts I had. Every other day was a progressive step towards my career path, self-development enhancing my personality. The experience has provided an unquenchable thirst and passion to create a renowned place in the world and confidently communicate with the corporates.


A day at BIMTECH is full of challenges like assignments, examinations, projects which motivates you to work in limited time frame and manage multiple tasks efficiently and simultaneously. The submissions sprees and grades galore accompanied by hostel life made me know my true potential. One moment we were in class, the other we were organizing an event and then maybe we were completing our assignments. All these juggling around whirlwind of numerous activities taught me time management, life skills, communication skills and confidence to face the outer world. From late night study sessions and group talks to regular KitKat breaks at canteen, I walked across life as a fresher to a confident person.


BIMTECH will always be a vital fragment in shaping my personality by broadening my outlook and transforming my perspectives radically. The first year at this esteemed institution has inculcated the attribute of patience and skills to analyze things differently. It also provided me an opportunity to know diverse and unique set of people, be it my friends, colleagues, faculty members and administrative staff. I surely met some of the great minds which I believe will play a pivotal role in carving out the glorious future for our nation.


Being an executive member of the prestigious Media Conduit and Class Representative provided me a platform to express my creativity, innovative ideas, and a sense of responsibility while bridging the gap between students and faculty members and covering various events organized at the institute. The institution is full of life celebrating every festival and event lavishly. Be it Dussehra, Diwali or Holi, Cultural Conduit and Food Conduit at BIMTECH never ceased to amaze me with its preparations for the special days. It’s like a home away from home and provided an immediate relief from our busy schedules. The exquisite welcoming culture and a perfect blend of different customs, traditions and beliefs helped me broaden my horizons and learn a lot new things, which otherwise I would have never got a chance to get acquainted to.


This place provided me a holistic perspective on life and exposed me to highly accomplished individuals, with whom I am looking forward to stay in touch for my entire lifetime. BIMTECH has played a significant role in helping me discard my tunnel version of an economist, and sparked an enduring interest in organizations, corporate culture and how big companies succeed and fail. Investments and stock market is my passion today which I am looking forward to take ahead and acquire more skills in the second year as well.

I will always be thankful to the entire fraternity for making my first year so joyful, comfortable and safe. Looking forward to an even better year ahead.




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