Aditi Saxena
PGDM (IBM), Batch 2021-23

Hard times do not discriminate. It makes no difference if you are a multibillionaire or merely trying to make ends meet. We are likely to come across a difficult situation that has a strong impact on us and lowers our self-esteem. Times like COVID, test us hard. Everyone was terrified. We all needed to find something to occupy our time so that we wouldn’t be consumed with bad thoughts or sink into deep despair. In such circumstances, our minds must be reprogrammed to cope with suffering and discover solutions. To develop a mental warrior mindset, however, we must learn to grow from failure, obstacles, setbacks, pain, losses, and other difficult aspects of our life. We will get stronger as a result of this, and nothing will be able to break us.

During an event by Majlis, the Debating and Theatre society of BIMTECH – ‘The novice and the wise’, they talked about future skills: ‘The Warrior Mindset’ and its importance. I realized that students can incorporate such skills and values in their lives too. But before developing a warrior mindset one should first know what it takes to be a true warrior. A true fighter knows what he or she wants out of life and works hard to achieve it. A true warrior always moves forward in a responsible manner. Always strives to reach his or her full potential. He/she is not enslaved by the pleasures of this world. When faced with little troubles, he does not complain. Is a person who is efficient, determined, and self-assured. Only the self-disciplined lead the way, a true warrior understands this. Most importantly, a true warrior is composed on the exterior while being powerful on the inside.

Values such as courage, self-discipline, strong will, responsibility, ongoing growth, and self-sacrifice are required to become a true warrior. The essential question is, however, how to become a warrior. Begin by identifying the minor yet inconvenient daily annoyances that wreak havoc on your mood. This will allow you to concentrate more on being productive and contributing to the happiness of yourself as well as others. Then figure out what you’re using as an excuse and get rid of it. 

Find a way to control your emotions. We are socially programmed from birth to react rather than think rationally, thus the majority of our decisions are made on the basis of raw emotions, which can be harmful to you and others. So, just like a fighter, constantly double-check your thoughts and feelings before acting on them! Finally, you’ll be able to go on. A true warrior realizes when it is time to end a situation that he or she does not approve of. This will enable you and the others concerned to explore new options in life.

When life throws us a curve ball, we crumple and stay down. Developing a warrior mindset allows you to not only recover from your repeated failures but also to avoid falling down in the first place. Keep going if you’re going through hell. Every successful person, whether they are conscious of it or not, has a warrior attitude to some degree. The thing I’ve noticed the most is warriors are physically and mentally strong. In order to achieve that, I’ve started following a certain routine that lets me achieve my goals and keeps me mentally and physically fit as well. Starting from waking up an hour before class, to going on jogging in the morning, taking wholesome food at breakfast, attending all classes, and sticking to deadlines has made me proactive in everyday life. Playing basketball every day, spending quality time with loved ones really contributed to healthy mental status. Little by little, just sticking to my routine, has made me realize how important is Warriors Mindset is and how easy one’s life becomes just by doing such little.   

Consider the above suggestions and begin putting them into practice if you want to create a warrior attitude. The most essential thing is that you make a commitment to anything, even if it’s as simple as waking up an hour earlier every day. This alone will significantly support you in becoming stronger and enabling you to successfully battle for any issue that stands in your way of achieving your objectives. Be it professional or personal life, a warrior mindset is what we need to excel in everything we do. So starting today let us all try to be great warriors in our life!

“This blog is an outcome of a live project in the subject Applied Communication and has been developed under the guidance of Prof Saloni Sinha, Faculty-Business Communication and Majlis-Debating and Theater Society.” 

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