My life at my second home – BIMTECH

Vrinda Maheshwari
PGDM, Batch 2020-22



Q: Tell us something about yourself as in from which place do you belong to? How has been the campus life at your college?

A: I am from Hapur,UP. Campus life has been nice but it could have been more exciting, due to the pandemic, most of my post graduation took place online, so as compared to what my seniors told me how campus life at BIMTECH is supposed to be, i think i only experienced 10% of it.

Q: What is your daily routine like as in how the time is divided between study and having fun activities.

A:  My daily routine has gotten a little less stressful, since now I am in my last year so I have less classes as compared to what i used to have in first year. When I was preparing for placements, most of my time was spent either sitting for the placement process or preparing for it, rest was divided between classes and hanging out with friends. Now since I am placed it has gotten a little chill.

Q:  How did you get adjusted to the new environment at the institute. What were the problems that you faced and how did you overcome them?

A: The problems I faced were mostly time management. Balancing classes with extra curricular activities, leisure time with friends, day outs, organising events in clubs, covering events, taking part in various competitions was a challenge.

Q:  Apart from the regular studies, what other activities that take place at the institute? Are you a part of any clubs or committees? If yes, then which ones?

A: Apart from studies clubs and conduits organize various events in the institute. We have certain competitions going on online as well. If it would have been normal times, we would have fest and festival celebrations as well. Yes, I am part of Photography Club called Retrospective Club at BIMTECH.

Q: How is the hostel life? What are some of the popular hangout spots in the campus?

A: Hostel life is really good. I believe each and every student should experience hostel life in his lifetime. It not only is enjoyable and memorable but also teaches us a lot for eg to be adaptable to our environment, observant to other people needs, teaches us how to compromise etc.

Q: How has the environment and experience in BIMTECH changed you?

A: In UG, I remember I was almost living as I was invisible, not many people knew about my existence. So that definitely changed in PG, as I became more socially active. My communication skills, public speaking, and confidence have improved tenfold because of the curriculum that is followed in mba, that in every class you have to interact. Not only that my team work has improved too because of the projects allotted to us in almost all subjects. I can see an overall improvement in my personality.

Q: Are you given any training ahead of the placements or you prepared on your own?

Yes. We have been given mock aptitude tests, mock GDs and PIs to get prepared for the placements.

Q: Did the coronavirus outbreak affect your college life and how?

A: Yes it did. Most of our classes were held online, exams were held online. So our learning got affected. Not only that I feel like even making friends and networks got affected in a way too!

Q: Any advice for juniors to make the best out of the campus life?

A: Come out of your comfort zone!! PLEASE. You will not get a better chance in life than to be in college to try this advice!




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