College Experience

Saransh Neerad
Batch 2020-22)
Project Intern, Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles

4th August, I marked this date again in the calendar. Yes, heard it right, ‘again’ because I started my graduation on the very same day and I was going to start my post-graduation as well. Few days before the 4th, we had our commencement day and finally, our classes began. Everything seems normal right? Surprisingly, it was as distinctive as it could be because everything was online thanks to Mr. Pandemic who graced us with this. Thinking about something like online classes had already baffled my mind. But being a human, which is the most adaptive species, I also adapted to new ways. So, section C it was, as we had our first class started. Soon with heaps of classes, came WhatsApp groups pouring down on me. Some official and some unofficial where we used to chat about every lecture, every subject, and every faculty. One of them was our first presentation group. A group of four people with a similar mindset later turned out to be not only a presentation group but a fun group where we talked, gossiped, and discussed everything and everyone which we named ‘Quad Squad’ – Sangeet (topper), Sanjay, Sanya & Saransh (myself).

As the classes went on, we interacted with several teachers. Some of them were very supportive, some were not and some came as a surprise when it came to giving good marks. Talking about the subjects, we had some really interesting ones while Financial Accounting was a subject which was completely out of the league from the very beginning. Being from an engineering background I didn’t even know the ‘F’ of finance but with the support of one of the finest faculty we had, I finally matched my balance sheet.

After a couple of weeks, we received a mail saying that we can now apply for the clubs and conduits of our college. I was so excited to be a part of them and yet confused about which to apply due to the limitation on membership. So, I finally applied in a few of them which were aligned with my hobbies, and with a little disagreement on the selection process with my seniors I was finally a part of Editorial conduit and Retrospective – A photography club.

With so much hustle, as we were close to the trimester end, I and my friend Sangeet did a little mimicry of Sunil Sangra sir in front of him which I can still recall as one of the best memories of our classes. Then came the trimester examination which I passed with a good mark (in my opinion). Closing the chapter of 1st trimester which was an experience for me I wrote a little letter for my beloved friends in my project group.

“Dear Group 5

Many groups were there but I was still looking for you. You came late but you became worth coming. It’s been almost a month since you were here. So, pale in the beginning you became so unforgettable in the last. From Rashi’s long “kyaaaaa” to Sharath’s “mera behen” and from Ritika’s no gadget 9 to Pranav’s “technical background” and how can I forget Govind’s poker face on Hindi to “arey yaar” of mine. Some of you were sneaky but some of you were mild some of you couldn’t submit the assignment on time and some of you sleeps at 9. But that’s okay and I am glad as I can ever be, that you were mine and since you have come to the end will you always be my friend?”

“What! From the next day itself?” I thought as I couldn’t digest that the classes will begin the next day after the exam ends. Anyway, with a little disappointment, I was all up to it after all the classes were going to be online (Seems like I started liking the online classes, isn’t it?). A few weeks after the class began, internship interviews came forth and one day I received a mail from CCR that I was selected for my SIP in VECV and all of a sudden, I was on cloud 9 as I always wanted to work in an automobile company. Now, the talk of joining our hostel was all over my peers so finally we decided to join the hostel after our ET examination ends and this marks the end of trimester two.

Finally, the day came when I had to leave my home after almost two years (Yeah! TBH, I got emotional). 31st Jan 2021 I took the flight and I was going to meet the people with whom I used to have late-night gossip almost every day. We reached the hostel together and we were received by a few more friends and warm hugs.

With glimmering eyes, I looked at the hostel and thought that this is going to be my home for the next few months. “Hostel, a place where we make a million memories.” – I thought (too cliché punch line, I know). After joining we were in quarantine for 14 days and honestly, it felt like we were living in a hotel. The food was served at our doorsteps and all we had to do was to attend online classes, have some delicious food

(thanks to food conduit), and sleep. Oh! Wait. How can I forget our horror movie nights in our cluster hall?

Our quarantine was over and we were free to go out, to go to college, to have midnight tea breaks, to cycle around, to play sports and many other things. One day after Valentine’s Day (actually we were happy about it) we were finally free and I along with my friends went to attend the physical class. After the classes, we went to meet the teachers we used to see on our screens. Talking to and meeting them was so much fun. Apart from this, I love visiting libraries and this was the thing I did next. The library was so good that I almost got lost in the books. Days passed by and I became mediocre from being a noob in table tennis. Yes, we had a lot of sports to play in our hostel and a little park with a tree to sit under. At the beginning of the third trimester, we got to know that now our sections were going to be different but, in the hostel, whenever there was any sports event, we always got together and rejoicing section C people together in a picture was never any less mirthful. Then the exams came up and then everyone got busy with their internships. I’m home now, safe, and doing good. This closes the chapter here. Although this might have ended, the story of BIMTECH will follow. Catch on later folks.

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