A gratitude post for BIMTECH & GATI

Himari Das, PGDM
Batch 2014-16, BIMTECH
Regional Manager, Gati Ltd

Five years ago, on this day I was fortunate enough to join Gati as a Management Trainee. A heartfelt Thank You to my Alma mater, Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Gr. Noida for giving me the opportunity and supporting me for the campus recruitment drive on 6th Jun ’16.It was time to take a leap from theoretical knowledge to practical reality. BIMTECH had already prepared me for the outside corporate world through a world class pedagogy, a well-structured course, seminars, lectures & presentations. It had taught me the value of deadlines, team work and goal setting. The campus life along with the various clubs and conduits always kept me at the edge of my enthusiasm.

After I joined Gati, the one year training period at various departments and locations across India at Gati was a good learning experience in terms of overall operations as well as on a broader perspective. After confirmation, I got to handle multiple profiles (Railway Manager, Warehouse Distribution Manager, Ecommerce Manager and Ground Operations Manager) in the next 4 year’s For me, Gati is not only a company that provides end to end logistics solutions to a wide range of customers across India, but it is a great learning platform if one has to make a mark and achieve something in the Logistics and Supply Chain field and I am still learning every day from my boss, peers or my subordinates.

I am very fortunate to have worked with and mentored by some experts in this field who have instilled in me every inch of knowledge that is required for playing a better game. I tried my best to live up to the expectations set by the company, but yes I also stumbled and face adversities too which provided me with many hidden insights and made me understand the true meaning of Management and Leadership. After graduating from BIMTECH, my professional career started with Gati and I would like to express my gratitude to both these building blocks of my life as it has given me some delightful moments, exceptional mentors, outstanding teammates, worthy colleagues & friends and lifelong memories to be cherished forever.

Out of my experience in industry for 5 years, I would like to advise three things to the upcoming budding managers.
1. After graduating from a reputed institute, you will be put to manage a lot of people. You must be skilled in People management and maintaining relationships. This skill will do wonders for any task you do.
2. Secondly, always try to give more than what is required. This will give you an edge over others.
3. And the third one is exploring and experimenting new things. You may fail and this might not lead you to success always but will be helpful


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