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Values such as courage, self-discipline, strong will, responsibility, ongoing growth, and self-sacrifice are required to become a true warrior. The essential question is, however, how to become a warrior. Begin by identifying the minor yet inconvenient daily annoyances that wreak havoc on your mood. This will allow you to concentrate more on being productive and contributing to the happiness of yourself as well as others. Then figure out what you're using as an excuse and get rid of it. 

My life at my second home – BIMTECH

My daily routine has gotten a little less stressful, since now I am in my last year so I have less classes as compared to what i used to have in first year. When I was preparing for placements, most of my time was spent either sitting for the placement process or preparing for it, rest was divided between classes and hanging out with friends. Now since I am placed it has gotten a little chill.