“Why Certifications are required with PGDM Program”

Ayushi Jain
Content Developer, BIMTECH (COOLS)



The education system has evolved. No individual can succeed with one sort of role. Every individual has some eccentric skills which need to be honed. Schools, colleges, and industries are paying more importance to extracurricular skills. In this challenging world, people with extra skills and abilities can only survive. However, there is always proof that is required to display your skills and abilities. For example, if an individual is skilled at Digital Marketing, then the person should have practical experience of it which is shown with a help of certificates.

The urgency of certifications starts from the initial stage of academics. Certifications are required as proof that an individual has completed schooling, higher education, college, etc. In PGDM Program, competition has increased in every field whether it is Finance, Marketing, Human resources, Operation Management, Information systems, etc. Getting a certification has become important for an individual to tackle the competition and stand out in the crowd.

At times when companies come for hiring new employees, they pay more attention to individuals who are certified and have skills that make them different from others. Rather than focusing on basic academic education, companies focus more on extracurricular skills to check his/her competencies of performing the job.

So what certification is! Certifications are unique qualifications that are required to meet certain standards of skills and give an individual a competitive advantage to stand out of crowd, provide more job opportunities and skills in their area of expertise. Certifications show that an individual has the mastery to the degree. It adds value to the degree.

Certification can include schooling, a graduate certificate as well as certificates in different fields. For example, Digital Google Garage is for Digital Marketing Certifications who want to build a career in the digital marketing area.

Acknowledging the Significance of Certification Courses


  • Acquire Skills: Certification helps in acquiring soft skills which help an individual to stand out from the crowd, which further helps in personal development. It gives the feeling of self–motivation, self–confidence, accomplishment and the certificate is a kind of reward an individual gets after completing a course. It provides detailed skills and knowledge required to tackle the job responsibilities.

  • Add Value to the Degree: Certification courses along with PGDM add value to the degree. In this competitive world, the degree is not sufficient to survive. An individual needs some extra effort and skills to compete. Corporates hire only those candidates who know how to drive the latest tools and are aware of the latest trends and technology.
  • More employment opportunities: This is one of the major advantages of doing certification courses. Nowadays competition is increasing day by day and every organization hires candidates with extra skills and knowledge which makes the person extraordinary from the rest. Also, in some company’s certifications are made mandatory for the candidate to get selected for the job. Also, certification adds value to the resume at the time of hiring.
  • Growth in the Career: Certificate programs help in acquiring new technologies, abilities, and skills for future growth and development.

For example: In the marketing area, there are different areas like sales, digital marketing, etc. If an individual wants to enhance his career in digital marketing, then he/she needs additional certification in that area for future growth. Earning an additional certificate makes you an expert in that particular area.


  • Reveal uniqueness: Certification helps an individual to stand out from the rest of the crowd. It shows individual talent in a particular area and becoming an expert in that particular area. As a result, a candidate should invest time and effort to clear certificate programs.
  • Provides Training: Certification programs provide training in various areas of the subject and direct that skills and knowledge to utilize it effectively in a real-life environment. It makes it easy for a candidate to work in a job.
  • Increase Reliability: If an individual is going through a PGDM program and want to prove herself/himself certification is the best way to do it. Certification increases the credibility of a person. It is proof of what you are doing. A credible person is more trustworthy and earns more respect.



Ending the discussion on why certifications are required with PGDM, it is seen that certifications matter a lot. They matter because they certify knowledge to a degree. It gives an individual a self–motivation and confidence to face the real world and work on a specific technology and gather in-depth knowledge in a particular field.

An individual must follow their interest and suitability while choosing the certification course because it will enhance their skills and ability in that area. Another important concern is that from which platforms should an individual get certified because correct resources and materials from the right platforms are very important. As certification plays an important role in a person’s life nobody should take it lightly.

Certifications provide a learning direction. If an individual is not clear from where to start, by doing a certified course in an area of interest, he can get a path. A certified student is always given more importance at the time of the job than a non-certified candidate. A certification gains skills and knowledge which is not provided in a regular class. It helps an individual to stay up-to-date about the latest trends and technology.


So, if an individual wants to acquire new skills, wants more employment opportunities, wants career growth, stand out of crowd, stays credible, earns more money, wants to face the competitive world, then he should go for certification courses in his area of interest.




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