Career Opportunities on Digital Marketing

Ayushi Jain
Content Developer, BIMTECH (COOLS)

Today, almost the whole world is connected online. Access to internet has gradually increased across the globe. Companies can reach their potential customers easily through various online channels.  The scope of digital marketing in the Indian industry is going to be $160 billion by 2025. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, almost all the companies are moving their focus towards digital marketing. Job industry is focusing on technology and digital skills as it will help them to work remotely in the current crisis. Businesses as well as institutes are searching for people who have skills to handle digital marketing jobs. Because of adoption of digitalization, digital marketing jobs have become emerging career option in the country. Numerous jobs are available in digital marketing sector. Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization Expert, FB/Google ads, LinkedIn ads and marketing, Instagram ads, blog writing, banner ads on sites of marketing partners,  content marketing etc. All these jobs are in high demand.



A good digital marketer can change the fortunes of a small forward looking company over a large company which does not use digital marketing. Choosing digital marketing as a career provides plenty of avenues. First: Utilization of your skills. Second: Versatile Field. Open for all. Third: Evolving Industry and always growing.  Fourth: A creative industry. Fifth: Training at your comfort level. Sixth: Working in diverse environment and learning something new from different people.

Understanding the importance of the above, BIMTECH is starting a certificate course in Digital Marketing in partnership with Eckovation soon.

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