It’s a Race and you can win it !!! : My On the Job Training Experience at BIMTECH

“Arise, Awake, Stop not, Till the goal is reached” – Swami Vivekananda

I still remember we were knee-deep into our academic session when we started with our OJT process. The exhilarating feeling of starting a new workplace, and learning the know-how of the industry had just started to grow on me. I had done my OJT at US Polo Association; Arvind Brands and I can confidently say that BIMTECH and my department held my hand every step of the way. Navigating through this experience was quite spectacular since my faculties steered me to achieve my goals.


The OJT!! What is it?

On-the-job training is a method of learning new skills and competencies for a job in a genuine, or nearly actual, working environment. This called in the need to make a connection in what we learned throughout our first year, all the assignments, the lectures everything needed to be connected with how practically all that was applied in a work environment.

Knowing the innumerable benefits that OJT held for us, we started our anticipating what had to be done from our end to make this experience a holistic and well-rounded informative experience. Whilst all of us had a vital notion in mind to perform outstanding since we carried the name of our college on our shoulders, in our respective organizations.

Beyond BIMTECH Frontier: Advent of OJT

Coming from an engineering background the whole idea of working in such a huge retail format came with a new set of challenges. I was tested on my capabilities, and my ability to connect with coworkers and especially the customers. BIMTECH made sure we had a smooth onboarding process and a dynamic learning environment. The whole experience was jam-packed with information, that was almost every nook and corner. I was advised by my faculty mentor and my industry OJT mentors to approach every person for the learning that they could facilitate. I always believed in my core self that every person can teach you something or the other, and this was what helped me in the completion of my OJT with excellence.

I got to learn how a retail company handles the supply and demand of the consumer according to season and new fashion trends. Getting a new perspective of what goes on behind the curtain, how logistics operate; what goes into the setting of a store; how they manage inventory; how the product placement is done; What happens with cash earned, and much more. This just helped me tremendously to grow as a retail professional adept with the latest know how’s

We were encouraged by BIMTECH to have an enthusiastic and curious approach to gaining knowledge and asking our silliest doubts. Between you and me, let me tell you I am the person with billions of questions, billions of doubts, and gazillions of observations, and everyone who knows me will concur. But to this attitude, I found my faculties at BIMTECH, and my industry OJT mentors were remarkably helpful. In this OJT, I came across a plethora of customers which helped in understanding consumer behavior and gaining valuable consumer insights.

Renewed Professionalism: The conclusion OJT

This on-the-job training was in summation a spectacular experience that will always be a never to be forgotten experience for me. I not only got to learn new things but also, got to overcome my fears and sharpen my personality according to the industry norms. I learned a plethora of new skills and got to hone myself wonderfully. I’ll be eternally grateful to BIMTECH and USPA for making my OJT so enjoyable, comfortable, secure, and informative. I’m hoping for a similar experience for my Summer Internship as well. Here I come to win, Lookout!!

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