Benefits of Technology in Online Education: Digital Learning

Ayushi Jain
Content Developer, BIMTECH (COOLS)

Today, in the midst of the global pandemic, technology has played a greater role in the field of education for students. At the peak of COVID-19, over 1.5 billion students across the world were forced to adapt to the remote teaching technologies. Extensive range of new technology and applications are now available for the success of the students. Technology has become the center of educational experience.

Some of the benefits of Technology in Education:

  • Recorded Lectures: One of the biggest benefit is recorded lectures. This means, if the student has missed something or hasn’t understand any topic or due to some reason missed the class, he can go back and watch the recorded lectures again. This has helped learners to read at their own pace or anytime anywhere learning.
  • 24 Hour Resources: With digital learning, you don’t have to worry about going to library. You will be able to access the learning material 24 hours, whenever you want to study. Many e-books are also easily available for the use of the learners.
  • Connected Learning: When you go for Digital Learning, you will feel connected all the time with the help of Zoom, Google Classroom, and Microsoft Teams, google meet, webex etc. With these technologies you can connect with your classmates on a video and audio mode simultaneously as well as with your teachers as and when needed. The opinion of polls, breakaway rooms, background blurring, emoji and animation are some unique add on features on many of the platforms. There is an option of chat also so that many introvert learners can also put their question and have them answered.

Although you have fix time for classes in a day, but thanks to technology you can connect with them through messaging and emails even after the class to resolve your queries. Both students as well as teachers have a freedom to communicate and get in touch at any time during the day.

  • Flexible Choices: These days, you have wealth of technology especially when you are talking about digital learning. You can easily mix and match the software you want to use for different activities and for different people.

This means, if your faculty practice zoom to broadcast lectures, you can go for Zoom, Google Classrooms, Slack or even WhatsApp as per your conveniences when you are working with your friends in a group.

  • Familiarity with digital world: Today students have grown up in a society loaded with technology and are users of smart phones, tablets and laptops. Also, many businesses are embracing online connecting tools for virtual meetings. This will help to build digital skills which is required to become productive in today’s society.
  • Tracked Progress: Digital learning will have an online record of all your day to day work like performance monitoring, checking attendance, your daily engagements which can be checked through google calendars.

Following the above Bimtech has started a PGDM online programme with 150 students in Jan 2021. The 2nd batch starts from July 2021. Our tech partner is Upgrad.

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