Sweta Gogoi
PGDM Batch



Q1: Apart from BIMTECH, which were the other B-schools that shortlisted you for the final selection round?

Ans: The other B-Schools where I made it to the shortlist apart from BIMTECH were IMT Nagpur and Jaipuria, Noida.

Q2: What motivated you to choose BIMTECH over other B-schools? Please share the top 3-4 reasons.

Ans: The main reason why I chose BIMTECH over other B-schools is because of the course curriculum. The institution’s brand name and its reputation in the industry also attracted me to BIMTECH. Moreover, the college has an excellent record in terms of placements too.

Q3: What is the key factor that attracted you to this course in particular at BIMTECH?

Ans: The suggestions from alumni regarding the course and the positive response from the BIMTECH alumni gave me the confidence to join the course. The ROI from the course offered by the college was also a key reason.

Q4: Apart from CAT, which other exams did you appear in?

Ans: CAT is the only exam that I appeared for because of its credibility among B-Schools.

Q5: Which top B-schools have offered you admission?

Ans: Among the other top B-Schools apart from BIMTECH, I was offered admission by IMT Nagpur and Great-Lakes, Chennai.

Q6: Which program did you keep as the priority in BIMTECH?

Ans: I had always kept PGDM in Marketing as my priority.

Q7: What are your academics, interests, and family background? Do you have some work experience as well?

Ans: I am a graduate in Civil Engineering with have 5 months of work experience in the IT sector. I have also worked as a Cloud Support Associate at Accenture where I provided technical support to the client and servers.

Q8: What was your overall preparation strategy for CAT?

Ans: I revised the areas where I am good instead of covering the entire syllabus.

Q9: How did you prepare for the sectional portion for CAT? Please share your strategy for VARC, DILR & Quant separately.

Ans: For qualitative and quantitative assessments, I practiced questions from reference books like Abhijit Guha and R.S Agarwal. For verbal, I tried to learn definitions and increase my vocabulary. I was a little weak in the verbal section, so I paid attention to that in most of my studies.

Q10: Was there any particular section/area that you were weak at? How did you overcome this challenge?

Ans: I was weak in the verbal section. So, I tried to increase my vocabulary through books like Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.

Q11: Do you know anything about the profile round selection process at BIMTECH?

Ans: I came to know about the profile round selection process at BIMTECH after I joined in.

Q12: Was the admission and induction process smooth at BIMTECH?

Ans: The admission and induction processes were quite smooth at BIMTECH.

Q13: Did you self-prepare or attend a coaching centre and why?

Ans: I self-prepared for the CAT examinations as it helped me get a better grasp of the subjects.

Q 14: Please share your strategy for CAT Day. What were your last-minute preparation hacks or tips? How did you plan your CAT test-taking?
Ans: Be calm and composed. Try solving the latter questions from the verbal questions first

Q 15: How did you prepare for BIMTECH’s PI process?

Ans: I updated myself with current affairs, especially ones related to businesses and stocks.

Q16: Your final message and tips for candidates preparing for BIMTECH.

Ans: Prepare well in advance on selected areas of expertise and practice well before final exams.

Q17: How has been your experience with BIMTECH so far?

Ans: BIMTECH has offered a lot of opportunities to showcase our creativity and expand our domain. The experience so far has been a good and fulfilling one.

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