Anukruti Khare
PGDM (IBM), Batch 2020-22


Q : Tell us something about yourself. Where are you from? Which course are you studying

and in which year you are in?

Ans: Well, to begin with I am Anukruti Khare and the word signifies a beautiful creature. I
have a keen passion for singing which resulted in winning accolades for it at national
level. I also have an enthusiasm for swimming. I am from Lucknow. I am in the final
year of MBA pursuing Insurance Business Management.

Q: What motivated you to choose BIMTECH over other B-schools? Please
share the top 3-4 reasons.
Ans: The major reasons for choosing BIMTECH over the other B-schools are as elucidated
1) One of the best colleges in India pioneered in providing sectoral programme for
Insurance Business Management
2) Bimtech has an excellent reputation on several parameters like student profile, campus
life, leadership , infrastructure and corporate interface
3) Bimtech has excellent course contents along with the reputed faculties. The campus is
lush green and beautiful combined with 100 percent placements every year

Q:  Describe a typical day at the institute as in how the time is divided between study and
having fun activities.
Ans: A typical day at the institute can be described as the day in which one has to juggle
between studies, curricular activities and co curricular activities. Spending time with
friends, eating together as well as hanging out together became an indispensable part

Q: How did you get adjusted to the new environment at the institute? What were the
problems that you faced and how did you overcome them?
Ans: Getting acquainted with the new environment was not a tough row to hoe. In fact, I was
extremely excited to be on the lush green campus with the beautiful architectonics.
The major problem was managing classes in online/virtual mode but eventually , that was
overcome as the college began the classes in blended mode. Simultaneously, time management
was also a major problem during the initial few months . Eventually, as the course is about
management studies we mastered the time management skills along with the daily tough

Q: What facilities do you have on campus? What do you like here the most which you
feel is unique and differentiating?
Ans : Bimtech has several facilities enumerated below as :

1. Meditation Centre
2. A tuck shop
3. Round the clock campus security
4. Bus transport to Noida
5. Communication and Reprographics
6. Medical center
7. Bank ATM on campus
8. 24 * 7 on campus ambulance
Library facility is astounding here with the humongous collection of different programmes

Q: What activities take place at the institute apart from regular studies? Are there any clubs
or committees for the various extracurricular activities? Which ones have you taken up
and are a part of?
Ans: There are innumerable activities taking place in college apart from the regular studies like
various clubs and conduits, quiz, various intercollege competitions, college fests etc. Yes there
are many clubs and conduits for the various extracurricular activities like editorial, eco chamber,
bizmark, palette, qcb, ufe, majlis, finwiz, foot & boot, club inmos, retrospective as well as
retalia. I am a part of an editorial conduit.

Q:  How do you balance your studies, projects, exams and other activities?
The major thing which the MBA programme teaches us is the time management skills . Day
outs, organizing events in clubs, being part of an editorial conduit , participating in
extracurricular activities , taking an active participation in various quiz competitions along with
the daily assignments was a major challenge . Allocating time to each of the activities prescribed
above eventually was helpful.

Q: How is hostel life? What are some of the popular hangout spots on campus?

Ans: Hostel life is amazing. There are many attractive spots at campus which keeps the mood
lightened up. Some of the popular hangout spots on campus are music hut, library

Q: How has the environment and experience in BIMTECH changed you?
Ans : The environment and experience in BIMTECH has been one of the best journeys in my life. The
environment and experience in BIMTECH has inculcated a lot of change in me like development
of soft skills, interpersonal skills, leadership and corporate responsibility. Along with this, it also
helped in the development of the time management skills as well as team management.

Q: Are you given any training ahead of the placements or you prepared on your own?
Ans: We were provided a rigorous amount of continous training for the placement seasons. Ths
included mock gd , pi as well as the mock aptitude tests which were immensely helpful for the
for the placement drives

Q: Any advice for juniors to make the best out of campus life?
Ans: The best advice would be to be constantly curious, committed, to have enriching fun as well as
stepping out of your comfort zone.

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