PGDM, Batch 2021-23



Hello everyone. I’m Ishita, a second-year PGDM student at BIMTECH, specializing in Marketing. When Covid cast a long and dark shadow, the acceptance letter from BIMTECH came as a ray of hope in my life. My journey started online, being guided by the finest faculties across the streams, we were introduced to a world full of promising opportunities. I was a part of the Editorial Conduit and Eco-Chamber where we organized various events both intra-college and inter-college. My learnings were further fortified by supplemental courses from some of the most reputed institutions from across the globe.

The batch of ’22 was a unique experience of its own, with a tinge of both the online and the offline MBA experience. Offline meant quick breakfast on the way to our classes, mid-day CCD meets, gathering at the cafeteria to complete the assignments, and carrying our tired yet not-tired selves into the hostel rooms before 11 pm curfewCampus’s most favourite spot – MACHAN seats, are hot-selling hangout joint and everyone rushes to grab their seat before they run out.

I have had many interesting and thought-provoking discussions with my batchmates here and spent a lot of fun time too.Being a debate enthusiast, I never really got a chance to spar with my oratory skills. Majlis BIMTECH’s ” Novices and The Wise ” event allowed me this opportunity. I along with my faculty participant enjoyed participating in the event which though was online, didn’t feel any less than an offline one. My confidence was raised when I received the ‘Orator of the Year’ title. BIMTECH helps students boost their confidence and gives them due recognition through their scholarship program and I was indeed lucky enough to have got it in a few trimesters.

While the nation was grappling under the second wave of Covid, BIMTECH left no stone unturned to provide us internship opportunities from top-notch companies. My offline internship at Mars Wrigley allowed me to test my marketing prowess. Group Discussions and Personality Development sessions helped me ace the interviews and I was offered a role at SBI cards.

I was blessed to be serving as a student mentor for the incoming batch to ease their transition into the world of BIMTECH. This opportunity to give back to my Alma mater was indeed one of deep honor.

The college invigorates admin, faculty, and students with a plethora of inclusive cultural celebrations and festivals, each with utmost enthusiasm and eagerness.  My MBA journey at BIMTECH had its fair share of ups and downs, but it’s one which I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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