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From Plague to Pandemic Covid-19: Not Just Men even Microbes Write History

If viruses and bacteria had the ability to write and document, they would have written—The History of Man-Virus, Man-Bacteria Interactions. From Plague to Cholera, to Small Pox to Covid -19, history is witness to the incessant war between the two. Presenting snapshots from the battlefields that move from streets to hospital clinics to “quaranta”

What does Research mean to me?

Prof. Shaphali Gupta Professor, MICA, Ahmedabad (View Full Profile)   “Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world With these powerful words spoken by…Read more

Wish to see India become a research and knowledge hub for the world

Prof. Ramendra Singh Associate Professor, Marketing, IIM Calcutta (View Full Profile)   Life Journey I come from a middle-class family who have lived most of my early years in the…Read more