“Thoughts arising from practical experience may be a bridle or spur” – Hyman Rickover

Life at BIMTECH (synonym of excellence) – It can be easy to get overwhelmed with a student’s experience in college or worry that you are not having an “ Iconic student life” like students in college films have. We stepped into BIMTECH in September of 2021 where we didn’t realize at that moment that we would have this wonderful experience in Retail Management. I was very interested to see how to program coordinators, program executives, program managers, and chairperson plan classes and I got to experience how intricately the coordinators and in charge of Retail Management have to work to pull off many seamless performances from the students.

Something I have told countless times on Retail Management is practical experience and knowledge gained from the practical experience. There were many practical activities held by Retail Management such as inside of class and outside of BIMTECH. Indoor practical experiences are the more interesting and exciting parts where they gave me a realistic experience of how retail works. One of my favorite parts of the indoor practical experience was the visual merchandising experience with Mr. Manu Mansheet where we did window displays for specific products such as perfumes, bathroom, soap, and books with the provided cartons. It was a very fun and zealous activity discovering the creative ideas that were hidden inside of every student. We also made a collage of pictures in the chart which depicts the life experience of individuals with the limited resources that we had. That was all about the journey of our life represented in pictures. It seemed to be a rewarding learning experience for all of us.

One of the interesting practical experiences was the Industrial Visit conducted by the Retail Management where we visited many distribution centers, warehouses such as Reliance warehouse, Safe express, Woodland, 360 degree, Walmart, and stores for visual merchandising such as Hands and Alsorg for insights of interior designing, wall and floor displays.

One of my cherished pieces of practical experience was the on-the-job training for 21 days which allowed us to experience the actual work activities of the job. OJT(On The Job) training took place in an actual work environment in different stores where students are assigned to which we got to work with the aspect of the company’s culture, climate, and normative behavior. This on-the-job training helped us to improve our skills and knowledge and build confidence in our abilities.

Everyone in the program was helpful and supportive and I had a very good and exciting practical experience in Retail Management. The level of commitment, generosity, and curiosity got increased when we apply all the book knowledge in the field of retail. We got to see our ideas of inputs anew, refracted through the inquisitive young minds with a different perspective. I get to experience different approaches to implementing my performances and exchanging ideas with different people of various mindsets. The practical exposure in Retail Management was elite and built the confidence in every student of Retail Management and also got the chance to experience how corporate works in real life.

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