Club Retailia

One year at BIMTECH went by in the blink of an eye. Juggling between various projects, assignments, presentations, and exams was indeed a very tedious task but it helped us prepare for what is to come in the corporate world. But in between all this a tiny sliver of sunshine was the existence of various college clubs present at BIMTECH. There are quite a few numbers of clubs to choose from and I was extremely honored and ecstatic to be selected for club Retailia.

The Retailia club is essential for the students, of the students, and by the students. If you are interested in retail and the happenings around it, then this club is for you. I was initially very skeptical regarding which clubs to choose, but the one club that I wanted to be a part of was the club Retailia and it made more sense because I was a retail management student myself. Apart from the normal club activities, the best part about club Retailia is that they give the students a platform to connect with industry experts and to obtain a first-hand experience to learn from the best. Club Retailia organizes various seminars and conferences like the Retail Summits that help students to improve their contacts and network with various types of people.


VIKRAY 2021 was the flagship event of club Retailia and it was one of the most fun-filled experiences that I had. It was conducted on 26th November 2021, but the planning for the event started almost a month before it. From coffee/team meetings to organizing the whole event was an exhilarating occasion for each one of us. VIKRAY 2021 had one main event which would declare the ‘VIKRETA TEAM OF THE YEAR’. Apart from competition VIKRAY 2021 also included various food stalls and games set up for students to enjoy the evening. VIKRAY 2021 provided the students a platform to showcase their budding managerial skills, but also to enjoy their college life at the same time. It was a mix of both worlds. The main event had two rounds; the preliminary round was an online quiz round passing which would qualify you for the second round. The second round was to create a marketing strategy for a product that would be given to the participants and it was to be presented to a panel of judges present there. This was the main event, but what got the crowd coming for more was the various stalls set up in the college atrium. Students flocked in lines to play games like spin the wheel, whisper challenge, bolly jolly, etc. All in all, it was an event well done for club Retailia and I am extremely proud to have been a part of it.

I would like to thank the Retail Management program of BIMTECH for providing us with such a platform to showcase our intelligence and awareness of the Retail world.

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