Questionnaire -2

Q : Tell us something about yourself. Where are you from? Which course were you studying at BIMTECH?

A : Hello, my name is Abhimanyu Dhir. I am a hardworking, sincere and inquisitive person. I reside in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. I was studying the PGDM International Business program, batch 2020-2022. 

Q : How did you prepare for BIMTECH’s PI process?

A : I had prepared for BIMTECH’s PI process by studying the following:

  • Latest current affairs for 6 months
  • Revised the subjects of graduation
  • Advantages of joining BIMTECH
  •  Worked on my soft skills 

Q :  What motivated you to choose BIMTECH over other B-schools? Please share the top 3-4 reasons.

A : The reasons why I choose BIMTECH over other B-schools are

  • Good placement record
  • The diverse culture that BIMTECH brings
  • Opportunity to study from experienced faculty
  •  Numerous awards and accreditations the institute has receive

Q : Describe a typical day at the institute as in how the time was divided between study and having fun activities.

A : A typical day at BIMTECH consists of attending the lectures from morning till afternoon. After the lectures, I hang out with my friends at the mess. Also, I used to play table tennis or badminton at the hostel with other mates.

Q : How did you get adjusted to the new environment at the institute? What were the problems that you faced and how did you overcome them?

A : Initially it was difficult to adjust the new environment at the institute. Being a shy person, it was difficult for me to talk to people; also I joined college a bit late due to covid restrictions. But after spending a lot of time with classmates in college, I came out of my shell. I started interacting with people, having fun with them.

Q : What all facilities did you have in the campus? What did you like here the most which you feel was unique and differentiating?

A : There was a lot of facilities in the campus like

  • Air-conditioned & Wi-Fi enabled classrooms
  • Air-conditioned hostel accommodation in the campus for boys and girls
  • Helpful staff
  • Library
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Basketball Court & other sports facilities

The diverse culture of the campus was the differentiating factor, which I liked the most. Happy to share that we were having students from 26 states. 

Q : What activities take place at the institute apart from regular studies? Are there any clubs or committees for the various extracurricular activities? Which ones had you taken up and were a part of?

A : There are number of clubs and conduits in the campus, naming a few:

  • Majlis (Debating Society)
  • QCB (Quizzing society)
  • Valmor (Discipline Society)
  • Sports Conduit
  • 22 Yards Club
  • Alumni Conduit
  • CIA Conduit
  • Placement Committee
  • Metier Conduit

I was not a part of any club or conduit. But I used to participate in the fun events organised by these societies.

I had participated in Annual Departmental Sports Competition and had played Table Tennis on behalf of PGDM (International Business) program.

Q : How did you balance your studies, projects, exams and other activities?

A : It is imperative to balance out studies, projects, exams and other activities at college.

I used to keep a track of what has been taught in the class. I had kept “to-do small notebook” in which I used to keep track of all due dates for the project.

I always wake up early. In the morning, I studied the course subjects and tracked my progress; wherein I used to study for a few hours taking 5-10 minutes break for recreation at intervals.

Later in the afternoon I worked on individual projects, taking 5-10 minutes break for recreation at intervals. After which I did yoga for 40 – 60 minutes to relax and wither away any kind of stress. Later, in the evening I used to play numerous sports like Table Tennis, Badminton or participated in the events that took place at college.

At nights, we usually had group meetings on zoom or google meet with group mates, discussing group projects. Every trimester the groups would change, and I got chance to interact with new faces. 

Q : How was the hostel life? What are some of the popular hangout spots in the campus?

A : The hostel life was amazing. I had stayed in RCI Vidya Vihar hostel, which was a few kilometres away from the campus. It had twin sharing rooms. The mess serves amazing food, giving a feeling that you are not away from home. Also, the support staff actually was concerned about every student residing in the hostel by ensuring safety. For me, I enjoyed the time I had spent there having fun with friends, studying together.

Some of the famous campus hangout spots are the café, activity plaza, residential park & machan. 

Q : How has the environment and experience in BIMTECH changed you?

A : The environment and experience in BIMTECH has made me open, given me the power to face any challenges. I do not hesitate while taking any decision now. I can also work in a systematic manner in order to meet deadlines. Moreover, I am more confident.

Q : Are you given any training ahead of the placements or you prepared on your own?

A : Yes, we were given training ahead of the placements like:

  • Mock technical interviews
  • HR Round mock interviews
  • Mock Aptitude Tests
  • Mock Group Discussions 

Q : Any advise for juniors to make the best out of the campus life?

A :  I would like to advise all the juniors the following to make the best out of the campus life.

  • Live in the moment
  • Learn time management
  • Join any club/conduit
  • Make good friends
  • Enjoy each and every moment
  • Respect the faculty
  • Be serious in academics and during placements

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