Monthly Archives: June 2020

Made in India, Made for the World: Reviving India’s Exports

Exporters need to develop not only good quality, reliable and differentiated products for the world but they also need to develop brand image for their company.

A Strategy to Kick-Start the Indian Economy in the Backdrop of Covid19

This is the time for the Government and fellow Indians to reboot, redraw and reinvent the wheel of progress and paint a new standing in the World Economic Order'.

India Unlock 2.0: Beginning of a New Normal

India embarks on a new phase of its Covid 19 fight with places of worship, restaurants and malls across the country set to reopen. It will see the beginnings of the 'new normal'.

COVID-19 and Indian Marketers : Strategic Imperatives

The COVID 19 Pandemic has resulted in a tectonic shift in habits as a consumer. The move towards 'mindful consumption' is set to herald a new era in the world of consumerism.

Customised Delivery: Mantra for Revival of B2C Business In India

In the post-Covid era, marketers who will reach maximum number of shelves faster than others would have initial visibility & availability advantage.