Monthly Archives: May 2020

Zero makes Sikkim Hero: The Corona Count

Sikkim reported its 1st Covid 19 case only on 24th May. Despite fear and uncertainty, the tiny state fought the war against Corona. How?

Globalization Abandoned?
“Vocal for Local” – Challenges Ahead

India can attain 'Atmanirbharta' only by strengthening core competencies in different sectors and also remaining part of global supply chain.

Communication Strategy: How to Build Trust and Confidence amid Covid19

People, apart from information exchanged between themselves, need positive, reliable and soothing communication from their leaders.

Crisis Communication for Leaders: Compassionate Empathy is the Key

Compassionate Empathy is the most ideal for a business or political setting. A leader shows that she is truly listening when she exhibits compassion.

Intelligent Robots: Big Relief for Corona Warriors

Prof. Arunaditya Sahay Dean (Research) Professor of Strategic Management, BIMTECH (View Full Profile)     Doctors, nurses, health workers, police and other Corona worriers were overwhelmed when on May 3,…Read more