Monthly Archives: April 2020

How is the Explosion of Digital Technology Transforming Marketing?

Prof. Pankaj Priya (View Full Profile) Area Head - Marketing & Retail Professor of Marketing Interventional role of digital technology has brought about a tectonic shift in the way marketing…Read more

Investments in The Time of Economic Uncertainty

Prof. Kamal Kalra (View Full Profile) Controller of Examinations Associate Professor of Finance Most investors have faced a rout of their share portfolios in period of the current COVID pandemic.…Read more

What Skill Sets do Recruiters Seek in MBA Graduates?

Prof. Rajeev Sharma (View Full Profile)Chairperson - Centre for Corporate Relations (CCR) Assistant Professor of Operations and Decision Science We are aware of the current Covid 19 pandemic crushing national…Read more

Covid 19 and Indian Economy – A Macroeconomic Perspective

Prof. Jagdish Shettigar (View Full Profile) Area Head, Economics Professor of Economics Prof. Pooja Misra (View Full Profile) Chairperson, PGDM (Retail Management) Associate Professor of  Economics With the number of…Read more

Social Entrepreneurship: Key to Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Asia-Pacific

Prof. Subhanjan Sengupta (View Full Profile) Coordinator, Doctoral Programmes Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Strategy, BIMTECH Social entrepreneurs are those entrepreneurs who use innovation with risk to generate business…Read more

From Tipu to Trump: Quinine Rules The Roost

Prof. Arunaditya Sahay (View Full Profile) Dean (Research) Professor of Strategic Management, BIMTECH With the withdrawal of troops by the traitor Chief Minister of Tipu Sultan, Mir Sadiq, the fourth…Read more
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